Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minnesota Twins (and their family, too!)

As I mentioned here and here, Tony's cousin and his wife have twin boys who are about two months older than our girls. We have the only sets of twins in the family history (that I know of), so it's pretty cool that they're so close together in age! Of course, we were thrilled to have them visit us while they were vacationing in Colorado last week -- and have the twins meet the twins for the first time!

Brian with Josiah and Isaac, Tony with Hadley and Leila

Hadley, Leila, Josiah, Isaac

Can I tell you how impressed I am with Brian and Sarah's parenting skills? They have five boys, and those boys are some of the smartest, most polite little guys I've ever known! Not only that, but we experienced a connection with Brian and Sarah that I have never experienced before -- that twin parents connection that other parents of multiples tell me about. There are some things that singleton parents will never understand -- like shuffling babies from parent to parent in order to get into the swimming pool (it's kind of like solving a Rubik's cube), being literally climbed by two babies who are trying to get your cupcake, and having two babies dissolve from tiredness at exactly the same moment. How many times have you seen two sets of spouses having a great conversation while trying to eat AND all holding wiggling one-year-olds? It felt like home. :)

AND, check out the great gift they brought -- pink Twins hats for the girls! We'll have to work on keeping them on their heads. :)

I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of all of us ... we'll just have to get together again!

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