Thursday, August 26, 2010

Piano Lessons

(I can't believe nine days have passed since I posted ... time just keeps going faster and faster! The girls are back to 100% after being sick, and I'm back to enjoying my happy babies. Great!)

We spent last weekend at my parents. Tony climbed his second
fourteener with my dad, my cousin and her boyfriend, and a group from Dad's church. (His pictures are on his Facebook page if you're friends with him.) I stayed home with Mom, of course! One of my favorite parts of the weekend was seeing Leila learn to pull herself up to the piano so that she could play the keys. Hadley couldn't pull up, but we stood her there, and she enjoyed it just as much! (Leila purple, Hadley brown)

In other news, Leila has her THIRD tooth! Apparently, they're extremely late teethers, but we've been assured all of their teeth are there. :) She's also cruising around furniture, and getting brave enough to let go and stand on her own for a few seconds. Hadley continues to impress us with her speed in crawling and her repertoire of sound effects. They've added "hi" to their vocabulary, and love to greet us with a huge "HI!" in the morning and after naps. What a joy!

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