Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This Stinks.

A glimpse into our last 12 hours...

10:00 pm -- I let Roxie outside for one last potty
10:01 pm -- Roxie promptly gets sprayed by a skunk
10:03 pm -- Tony and I race around the house, closing windows (too late) and searching for the "Miracle Skunk Odor Remover" that we've used once before
10:05 pm -- I drench Roxie in said "Miracle Skunk Odor Remover" and kennel her for the night
10:55 pm -- I finally fall asleep, with a sheet over my face because our house smells terrible

5:00 am -- Tony gets up, confirms that the "Miracle Skunk Odor Remover" has not worked, opens all the windows, and heads to work
7:30 am -- The girls and I get up; I put Roxie in the backyard, where she barks at the door until I'm ready to give her a bath
8:00 am -- Roxie's peroxide/baking soda/dish soap bath is ready; I leave the girls eating breakfast in their high chairs while I hurry Roxie to the tub
8:05 am -- Girls scream in their high chairs until I'm done with Roxie's bath. They seem to get humor out of screaming at each other, so it partially works
8:20 am -- I drain the bath water; Roxie throws up
8:21 am -- Roxie goes back outside, where she barks at the door because she's cold and wet
8:22 am -- Rescue girls from their high chairs
8:23 am -- Clean up Roxie's vomit while the twins try to climb into the bathtub to touch it
8:30 am -- Put the girls in their cribs while I grab a quick shower to wash the skunk off myself
8:45 am -- Change stinky diapers (my nose can't handle much more!)
8:50 am -- Feel sorry for Roxie and let her in ... quickly regret it
9:30 am -- Ahhhh .... first nap. Time to wash skunk-infused clothing.

If it weren't for these little stinkers (pun intended), sometimes I'd wonder why I'm doing it ...(Leila top/ Hadley bottom)


Jenia said...

OH Heather! What a crazy night and day you have had! I hope the smell leaves soon for you. One of the girls' favorite stories from Barry is when he got sprayed by a skunk long ago :)

Abby said...

Goodness gracious. I'm so sorry. The things we do for our pets are amazing, huh? Glad it's over! Hopefully you'll never have to go through that again!

Anne said...

Yuck! I remember our dog getting sprayed while my mom took her for a walk at night...she came home (the dog stayed in the barn that night) and walked promptly into the shower and just by doing that, the entire house smelled like skunk. I hear tomato juice (I think it's juice...paste or sauce, I don't know) works well for getting the smell out of things...including doggies!

Anonymous said...

I'm just now seeing this... must be skunk season in Colo Sprgs...Jeremiah Hamer has had one frequenting his backyard on a daily basis (also evening, I believe). The tomato juice remedy reminds me of a scene from "Love Comes Softly" movie. Barry sacrificed a good pair of coveralls the time he was sprayed...well worth the sacrifice, I do believe... (posted by Mitzie)