Saturday, December 4, 2010

18 Months

My sweet babies are 18 months old today! Which means I shouldn't call them babies anymore. But I'm going to anyway.

Here's the latest news: Hadley started walking! She took her first steps on Thanksgiving day. Unlike Leila, Hadley waited until she was absolutely sure, then casually walked over to Grandma like it was nothing special. She still prefers to crawl, but she isn't fooling anybody anymore.

Leila, always breaking new ground, has learned to climb. She hasn't made it to the couch yet, but she climbs on the ottoman, and had fun climbing on a bench instead of the play equipment at a play date the other day.

I'm seeing changes in them as they move toward being toddlers. They like "thinking" toys instead of things with lots of movement and colors now. They can repeat sounds and they add new words to their vocabulary every day. Oh, and they express displeasure when things don't go their way. Time to pull out the books on discipline!

Here are a couple of unedited "outtakes" from our Christmas photo shoot with my sister. While you look at those, I'm going to go pat myself on the back for keeping them alive for over 540 days. :)

(Hadley top/Leila bottom)


Jenia said...

Happy 18 months Hadley and Leila! I think when your the Mom you can call your babies 'babies' forever... I still do:)

Sarah said...

I still call mine my babies. Till they're 5. At least.