Monday, December 13, 2010

This Little Piggy

This is definitely my favorite phase yet. (I'm pretty sure I say that about every phase.) The talking, interacting, responding ... cuteness! ... is just a blast. We've been playing "This Little Piggy" and the girls think it's absolutely hilarious. Leila has learned "oosh" (shoes), and brings shoes to us to put on her feet ... usually more shoes than feet. Hadley has a new love for music, and when she's playing with our musical toys or listening to music, she enters The Zone, which is pretty entertaining.

Speaking of piggies, here's a new development: pigtails! (Leila/Hadley) Smiling for the camera is *not* something I get to enjoy in this phase. :) Also, you'll see Hadley's battle scar from the coffee table last week. *Sigh* Look at my TODDLERS!


Abby said...

Aw, so cute!! I loved it when Calla's hair grew long enough to go into ponytails. Those cute little toddler tails are the best!

Jenia said...

Love the pigtails!!!