Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Days Like Snow Days


Today is the kind of sunny, snowy day that looks great to play in ... from the inside. As I write, it's 18 degrees out, and I'm pretty sure that's the high for the day. So, our family will stay in, relaxing from our ten days spent visiting both sides of the family, and play with our Christmas presents that haven't been played with yet because of said vacation.

However, a couple of weeks ago, we did actually get out in the snow. We have little snowsuits for the girls, and I pulled Daddy's socks all the way up their arms for "mittens", since they pull regular mittens off.

One of the most frequent questions that I hear about the twins is "what are their personality differences?" Honestly, for the first year, I didn't have an answer. They ate, slept, and cried at pretty much the same times. (That definitely should have been a clue that they were identical!) The best thing I could come up with was that I thought Hadley would be more dominant because she had to nurse first, every time. Now, though, their personalities are becoming clear. Leila is spunky and enters every room with "hiiiiiiiii!" Hadley is sweet and stays in Mommy or Daddy's arms for a while before getting used to a new situation.

So, you can imagine how that looks while playing in the snow for the first time. A little like this (Leila/Hadley):

After which, Hadley ended up in my arms:

And Leila tried eating snow.

Enjoy the snow, if you received any, and Happy New Year!

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