Friday, January 21, 2011

Open, Shut Them

My main purpose for blogging tonight is to share this video. Hadley and Leila have learned the actions to "Open, Shut Them" and I'm proud to show off their new skills! Sorry that my videos are always dark. It's a combination of a cheap camera and the fact that our house doesn't have great lighting.

But I also want to share something I've been thinking about lately. One of our new favorite activities in the VanHorn house is reading books. We've been reading to the girls since they were born, but now they know what books are called ("gook") and often bring books to me during the day to read to them. They both crawl into my lap to listen to the story and point at the pictures. In those moments, I think,
boy, I'm glad God gave me two legs -- a lap for each girl!

I know the human race was made with two arms, two legs, even two breasts, as a part of God's plan. But sometimes I realize that God was thinking of
me when he gave us two of all of those things. There's no way I could handle having twins without having two of everything (especially while nursing!), and it's one of those things that I hardly ever think about. He's got good foresight, that guy. But I guess I've known that all along.


W said...

God must really hate people with triplets. Ha. ;)

Tony and Heather said...

Aww, I didn't say that! (Which I know you know.) Let's face it, we'd look funny with three of everything. God was finding that happy medium between useful and aesthetically pleasing. :)