Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Salt Lake City: Day Two

I’m starting to get the feeling that I’ve been in this situation before. I’m sitting in a dark hotel room at 6:55 pm, listening to my children snore, while Tony works out and gets a Redbox movie. Oh, that’s right, I was here last night. :)

Some people would miss their freedom in a situation like this. I, on the other hand, like the chance to live life slowly for a few nights. It stretches out the vacation time and makes me feel like I’m truly resting.

Let me take a second to show you the brilliant contraption that Tony made for the hotel room before bedtime last night. We brought dark sheets, intending to cover the cribs with after the twins fell asleep so that we could turn on lights and watch television, but the "getting to sleep" part was the issue during the epic failed nap yesterday. Tony attached the sheets to the hotel curtains with safety pins, creating a tent, so it covers them immediately without a chance of them pulling it off, or it falling into the crib. I think they like having their own little rooms. AND I can sit in bed like a normal person, instead of the bathroom like yesterday's nap! Thanks, hubby!

We had a great time today! The girls slept until 8:00 am (yep, if you’re doing the math from my last post, that’s 13 ½ hours) – which I’ll attribute to the 45 minute naps yesterday and the little colds that they’re working on. We took our time getting out of the room, and by 10:00 am we were on the road.

After a leisurely stop at Cracker Barrel for brunch (where both of our servers were twins, oddly enough), we headed to The Great Salt Lake. We drove to Antelope Island State Park, which is supposedly the best place to see the lake. Um, apparently, that’s in the summer, because I think we could only see about 400 yards in front of us. It was weird – not foggy, not overcast. The signs on the highway said “poor air quality Sat – Sun”. I guess that’s what it was. :)

Anyway, even if we couldn’t really see much of the lake, the marshes near the roads were really cool, and we saw antelope, buffalo, and coyotes! The twins fell asleep in the car again (yes!), and slept for about 45 minutes again.

On the way back, we ate a late lunch / early supper at In-N-Out. We saw it on the way to the lake, and since Tony hadn’t ever experienced it, I decided we had to stop. The burgers, fries, and shakes were amazing, of course, but our family vote is still for Five Guys.

Back at the hotel, we went swimming again. Leila is getting really brave and will jump into our arms from the edge of the pool. Hadley really likes being supported on her tummy and kicking her arms and legs.

So, now that the kids are in bed, we’re going to watch “Salt”. I didn’t even realize that we were watching it in the right city until Tony mentioned it!

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