Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a Phone-y

They're one year old ... going on 14. (Hadley top / Leila bottom)

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Anonymous said...

It is so good that you are recording so much of your twin girls' development. Ihope you have it saved.
I am so happy with my daughter's twin babies, too. It is something else! They are real close to 8 mos. now.
I just made on a neat purse book it was called they will send to me where there are 20 pages. Online they fixed up the format; It took quite a long time to get all of my pics. downloaded into it. Then more time for me to make up captions. I know it will be wonderful when it comes! There were endless options for the cover, etc. Only $3.28 with their promo. code online, rather than $10.95 which I did not think was bad either.
Sometimes I wish we had access to some of the couponing you have there; there was something just for your area you posted the other day...