Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introducing ...

... the newest member of the VanHorn family! He or she will be arriving around November 3rd!

Keeping this secret off the blog has been one of the hardest things I've ever done, but we wanted to get a firm count on how many people we were growing this time. :)

So, let me catch you up! Here's our timeline so far:

February 22 - I write this blog post, insisting that I'm not pregnant. I knew it was a possibility, but figured it wouldn't happen, and wanted to wait a few more months before thinking about it again.

February 25 - Tony's last day of work at his old job. I wake up at 2 am with a strong feeling that I'm pregnant, and know I won't be able to fall asleep until I take a test. Sure enough, positive! I don't want to wake Tony, so I write him a message and go back to bed. What a fun surprise for him to see in the morning! (I taped the pregnancy test to the mirror. It looks different because it's a cheap one. :) And 11-9-11 was what I thought our due date was. Getting confused about dates yet?)

March 8 - I have my first doctor's appointment, where they tell me that my due date is 11-11-11.

March 9 - At 5 weeks pregnant, I start to outgrow my pants. This convinces me that we have at least twins, if not triplets, growing in there.

March 15 - The twins and I visit my parents. They wear "11-11-11" shirts to announce their new sibling. I don't have that picture because it was taken on another camera, but I'll post it when I get the chance.

March 19 - The morning sickness hits, full force, just like last time. After a weekend of throwing up, my doctor prescribed a nausea medicine that I didn't try last time, and miracle of miracles, it's working! I'm still exhausted, but not throwing up, and that's enough for me.

March 25 - Our sixth wedding anniversary! I take my first belly shot, which, at 7 weeks, is as big as my 15 week picture with the twins. I know, I'm not shockingly huge, but being bigger than carrying twins definitely played with my mind! This convinces me even further that we're having multiples again.

March 30 - Ultrasound day! I can't sleep, and when I do sleep, I dream that we suddenly have so many puppies that I can't find enough places for them to nap. You don't have to look very far for the symbolism there. :) The doctor only finds one inside, which we are very pleased with. She also moves my due date to 11-3-11.

Phew! Of course, I'll keep you posted as we go, even though I know that a single pregnancy isn't quite as exciting for my readers (but Tony and I are definitely just as excited!). Here's to 3 kids in 29 months!


Abby said...

Yay yay yay! So excited for you guys! I always love baby news. :)

Sarah said...

Loved reading through your timeline! How exciting! I'm anxious to see pics of the girls in their 11-11-11 shirts.

D said...

Hurrah and congrats! I had originally typed "hurrah" twice, but then figured typing it only once was more appropriate!

Can't wait 'til our "settling in" schedule slows down enough for us to see you guys!

Glenna Hass said...

SO awesome! Very excited for you guys!