Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness (And I'm Not Talking Basketball)

I'm overdue for a post, so I'm going to write a quick one with some pictures to catch you up. Like I said before, we have a lot on our plates right now, but I hope to be back to normal in the next couple of months.

Can you find the twins?

Leila's new favorite TV spot:

I love it when they choose to sit this close to each other without prompting. You'll notice that Leila is engrossed in a Dora coloring book, oblivious to Hadley, who has about 10 diapers strewn around her. Ornery kids.

Tony finished his second 5k, then promptly went mountain biking and broke his big toe. Poor guy has to be in a boot for four weeks, at least.

And lastly, Leila, my couch potato. Yesterday she watched an entire Dora movie like this while I made dinner. I finally propped a pillow behind her. :)


Sarah said...

Darling pics, as always! I love the one with one of the girls in the footstool! Have you been able to enjoy outside much yet?

Abby said...

Haha, love the last one! Reminds me of my Hudson!