Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hair We Go!

Hubby's out on a bike ride, the twins are in bed, and I'm going to catch up on blogging. I know, I get wild on Saturday nights. :)

Tonight after bath time, I decided it was time for first haircuts EVER! I didn't want to change anything, but the back is growing more quickly than the front and I want to give it a chance to catch up. Plus, I wanted to cut a lock of hair for their baby books. So I only cut about a half inch off the mullets :) and one longer lock. Other than a little wiggling, the girls did awesome. I was worried about losing some of their cute baby curls, but it actually made their curls tighter ... so cute.

(Leila top two, Hadley bottom two)

On a pregnancy note, I'm surviving. The medicine is still working well, although it doesn't completely take away the morning sickness. My energy level is at zero, so our laundry / dishes / overall house cleanliness is a pretty big failure most of the time. Thankfully, Tony is gracious enough to overlook it, and he also pitches in when he's got time. Have I mentioned how much I love that guy?


W said...

Your kid is adorable. And likewise her identical sister. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I love those facial expressions! Can't wait to see them when we come out this summer! :) :)