Monday, May 9, 2011

A Sprinkle of Love

What do you do when you come home from the grocery store and your neighbor has his sprinkler on? Let your kids run through it fully clothed, of course. :)

(Although, I guess it's really "kid" in this case. Leila loved the sprinkler, but Hadley mostly just cried when the wind blew little drops at her.)

I'm very happy to be home after a business trip with the National Day of Prayer Task Force to Washington, D.C. I always love my time there, but I'm always especially excited to get home. Absence truly does make my heart grow fonder. Hadley and Leila stayed at Grandma and Grandpa K's, and it sounds like they all had a blast. Or maybe that's just what they're telling me. Either way. :)

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