Friday, June 3, 2011

Leila's Life

Continuing my series leading up to the big TWO, here's a little bit about our second born. Second by 28 minutes, if you're counting, but she definitely made her own entrance!

Unlike Hadley, who has many nicknames, we mostly stick to one nickname for Leila -- "Leila Lanie" (her middle name is Elaine). Although, Hadley does call her "La-la". Grandma K. says that she has a joyful heart, and well, I just don't think Leila can keep all that joy inside. It just comes busting out of her all the time. Leila is the one who walks up to total strangers and befriends them. I've actually seen her join other tables at restaurants and not think twice about it. (And neither do the people who she joins, amazingly enough!) She has LOTS of words and uses them constantly. (Sometimes she'll yell, "Ma-MA! Door! Open!" from her crib in the morning.)

Like I said, Leila is best friends with every person in the room from the moment she walks in. But that means she's also not as likely to want to play by herself. And if nobody wants to play with her ... well, she'll usually end up on top of the dining room table, or inside the open dishwasher. She's more physically advanced than Hadley ... or maybe she's just more adventurous. She receives discipline far more often than her sister but keeps on pushing the limits.

But with all that spice comes sugar, right? She's the first to laugh when she thinks something is funny. And somehow, Leila has become a total Mommy's girl. Several times a day, she'll come to me with Lavender (her purple bunny) and a blanket and pull me to the couch, just because she needs someone to snuggle with. And boy, does she snuggle! I honestly believe that she would snuggle during every waking moment, if I didn't have to walk away in order to do ... well, anything.

So that's it -- my spunky, sassy little gal, who we love so much. We see differences in personality between Hadley and Leila every day, but I can honestly say that one's personality is not more desirable than the other. They just make a perfect blend. :)

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Abby said...

I've enjoyed these glimpses into the lives of your girls. It's so fun that their personalities complement one another. Hard to believe they'll be 2 years old!