Friday, July 1, 2011

Should We Peek? An Update and Reminder

Wow. You guys, this is the worst kind of suspense. As I write, our poll on whether Tony and I should find out the gender of the baby is separated by ONE VOTE. And almost 100 votes have been cast! Can you believe that at least three of my family members have posted the link to my blog on Facebook, campaigning for people to sway the vote in their direction? Such a blast. :)

Just a reminder: voting closes sometime on July 4th. I think it's around noon, but I can't remember. Also, since I didn't foresee that voting would be this close, I'm going to add this: if there is a tie, Tony will be the tiebreaker. Neither of us has voted, honestly!

We'll keep you posted!

Since I can't stand to leave a post without pictures, I'll add this one of our family from our two-year photo shoot of the twins. Isn't my sister Paula awesome?

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