Thursday, August 11, 2011

28 Weeks

Hello, third trimester!
I haven't compared belly sizes of the last few belly shots, but I can officially say that I'm not bigger than the twin pregnancy anymore. Which is a relief. But baby girl did reach my ribs recently, so I'm still uncomfortable. :)
Speaking of my first pregnancy, I went on bed rest with the twins at 28 weeks, so I've been thinking a lot about that recently. I'm so thankful to be experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind being told that I HAD to spend my time on the couch for a while! I can't say I'm looking forward to lugging around a full-term baby belly while chasing the twins in a month or two!

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Abby said...

Beautiful! Hard to believe you're in your third trimester! (Well, hard for ME to believe...I'm sure it's a little different from your perspective!) :)