Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Which I Complain

I thought this pregnancy would be easier.

It's not high risk, and I'm not carrying twice the amount of baby that a normal pregnant woman does.

Here's what I think I forgot to factor in: during my last trimester, I was on bed rest with the twins. It's not too hard to lug around a baby belly if you're on the couch! Also, this time around, I have the twins to chase WHILE lugging around the belly.

I'm currently at ~30 weeks, so I feel like immobility and exhaustion this time around are setting in too soon. Not to mention rib-kicking. :) Yesterday, I had Braxton-Hicks contractions about every 10 minutes (sometimes more) if I was on my feet, which scared me to death. I cried when Tony got home because I don't feel like resting is an option with 2-year-old twins. Just attending to their basic needs earns about five minutes of rest at a time.

But how can you complain when you look at those faces? :)

Anyway, as fate would have it, the girls got out of bed somewhere around six times before they fell asleep last night. Which means even evening wasn't very restful. Then, for whatever reason, they woke up three times in the night. (Both of those things are incredibly unusual, and I'm hoping they don't become a habit.)

On the bright side, their restless night means that they're still sleeping at 8:15 am, and I'm taking advantage of a little quiet time to have some "me" time. And, for you worriers, I'm going to call my doctor if those B-H contractions continue into today.

Here's to a better day / week / month / trimester! :)


Sarah Dene' said...

Praying for you! And your sanity:)

Carolyn S. said...

I guess you are in the middle of the so-called Terrible Twos, which I am sure you would not really call that as you love them and they are amusing!

Give them something to do that occupies them for ? 10 minutes or more. Rest when and wherever you can get it. They still nap, don't they, in afternoon?