Monday, August 1, 2011

Twin Beds / Bed Twins

We moved Hadley and Leila to "big girl beds" this weekend. I was nervous, since I really enjoy my sleep! We're using two borrowed bed rails, and two pool noodles under the sheets, just to prevent falling out in the middle of the night. This is the picture I posted on Facebook on the first night.

"What we're doing right now ... and it's going as well as it looks. First night in "big girl" beds!"

It took the twins about 1 1/2 hours to settle down that first night. They got out of their beds three times, figured out how to open door knobs, and poor Hadley finally fell asleep on the inside of the door while trying her hardest to be a good partner in crime to Leila. But there was no crying, and after we settled them in the last time, they slept until 6 am.

On night two, they were exhausted from the night before PLUS being out of the house all day with terrible naps, so they feel asleep right away and slept for 11 hours. I didn't even check on them.

Last night, Leila got up right after we shut the door, played with the door knob for a few minutes, and then we didn't hear anything else. A couple of hours later, as Tony and I were getting ready for bed, I went in to check on them -- I wanted to make sure that Leila hadn't fallen asleep on the floor. Sure enough, Leila's bed was empty, but she wasn't where I expected! This is the scene that I found -- both girls asleep in Hadley's bed.

I'm sure you can't even imagine the size that my heart swelled to when I saw them sleeping together like this. They haven't slept in the same bed as each other since they were three months old -- I didn't even think they would want to! They slept together all night, and got up at 6:30 this morning.

Now, I just have to figure out how to get them to sleep a little later. :)


Abby said...

So sweet! It's great that you were able to capture the moment. Calla and Hudson have slept in the same beds occasionally when we're on vacation, and I think it's absolutely the sweetest thing ever!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh...that last picture is so sweet...they are blessed to have each other!

Amy Hanson said...

It's like a sleep-over every night!

Anonymous said...

I guess it wd. take awhile to get used to totally new sleeping situations. Trying to get out of the room 'cause they reach the doorknob?--may not be so good. That is neat that they ended up in same bed together....something new about every day with twins!