Monday, January 9, 2012

A Bushel and A Peck Art

Well, my last crafty project was well received, so I'll keep sharing with you!

This one has been completed for a while, but I accidentally cracked the glass when I was putting it together. Thankfully I have a neighbor who saves everything (the same one who gave me one of the yardsticks!), and I was able to replace the glass from their stash for free!

It started with a big frame that I bought for about $5 on clearance.  I didn't have any plans for it, but I don't see big frames for that cheap very often (it's 16" x 20").  It sat for a while before I decided what to do with it.  Then, I was reminded of this song that we used to sing when I was a kid ... and the brainstorming began.  Since I don't have a Cricut (*sigh*), I described my idea to my sister and she cut out the circles and letters for me, which I arranged on white paper.  And here's the finished product:

It has taken it's place on the wall in the twins' room.  It was a little hard to get a good shot with the picture on the wall, but here's one: