Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marlowe's Room

I just put the finishing touches on one wall of Marlowe's room, and I'm in love.  And not only with the little girl who sleeps in that crib.  :)

Marlowe's room is decorated in primary colors, in a style that I'm going to call "modern vintage".  The fabric on the curtains and crib skirt have a modern feel, but there's some decidedly vintage things in there, too, as you can see.

Where should I even start?  The banner at the top is from my baby shower, made by my talented sister Paula.  It said "VanHorn Baby Shower", so I just rearranged the words so that it would work in the room!

The owl was created by my mom.  She looked on Pinterest for inspiration, then drew it by hand onto scrapbook paper.  Simple and wonderful!

Tony made my fantastic pallet shelves.  Seriously, these shelves make me want jump up and down with happiness.  One free pallet + a few well-placed cuts = adorable shelves!

I bought the vintage blocks for a few dollars at an antique store.

My incredibly talented friend Kate gave me the flower print for my baby shower!

My dad collects marbles and gave me the ones you see, so these have extra special meaning.

The A-Z bookends were a clearance purchase at Hobby Lobby, and the books are a set by Beatrix Potter, from my mom.

Lastly, the ukulele!  (Actually, I don't know if it's a ukulele or a toy guitar, but we'll go with ukulele.)  Here's the (kind of lengthy) story: Tony's grandparents have moved from their farmhouse into the nearest town.  Since their new living arrangements are smaller than their house, we were welcomed to go through their house at Christmas and take items that we could use, or that were meaningful to us.  Tony and I took a few things, and on the way out I spotted the old farm sign that used to be posted by the road.  It was fantastically vintage, and after checking with a few people, we were told that we could take it.  So, on the way back to Colorado, we stopped quickly to pick up the sign.  Tony ran inside the house for something while I stayed in the van with the kids.  When he came back out, he was carrying the ukulele.  It doesn't have any strings, and I'm not sure it would work even if it did.  He said, "I saw this in the closet, and I thought you'd like to put it somewhere in our house."  Does this guy know me or what?  What a fantastic husband.  And he was right about the ukulele.  I had just the place for it.

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Kate said...

Darling, Heather! I love how it all came together. I have many similar items in my collection...so fun to have meaningful things to use as decorations. I've got books, marbles, blocks, and other vintage toys from both of my parents' childhoods. So sweet! (And we have the old sign from Brett's Grandpa's auto shop...it's HUGE and hangs in our garage!)