Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twins vs. Singletons

(People tend to ask me about twins vs. singletons a lot, so I might just turn this into a series.  We'll see.)

The one question that I have been asked over and over again since Marlowe's birth is, "How is it, with just one baby instead of two?"  Most of the time my answer is, "I don't have just one baby, I have three children!  I'll never get to know what just one baby is like!"

While that's true, I know what people mean when they ask me that question.  It's nice, not nursing two babies.  It's nice, not forcing Marlowe's schedule to match somebody else's so that I can have a little time to myself.  It's nice, being able to rock Marlowe for as long as I want every once in a while (twins permitting), without worrying that I'm neglecting the needs of another baby.

I think Marlowe knows that she's got center stage, too.  The one thing that I wanted with a "singleton" is the opportunity to hold her more, since I had to divide my time between the twins.  And, boy, have I gotten my wish!  Marlowe wouldn't sleep without physically touching somebody for about three weeks after she was born.  After a while, she would sleep in the swing for naps, but most of the time, Tony or I would end up with her in our arms for at least part of the night.

All of a sudden, in the last week or so, Marlowe doesn't need to be held as much.  She'll take whole naps in her crib, and she's stopped waking up in the night, except to nurse and drowsily be returned to the crib.  Before, I wondered how long it would be before she would sleep on her own.  Now that it's not needed as much, I miss it.

I still insist on rocking her to sleep at the beginning of every nap, though.  Because I can.  I might just do that until she's leaving for college.  :)

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Jenia said...

Do you think Max will let me rock him to sleep each night until he goes to college ;-)
I sure do love cuddling!