Monday, February 20, 2012

Leila's Life: 2.6 years

Leila Lanie, at 32 months, is our "big" girl.  She's almost an inch taller than Hadley (identical twins are often different heights).  Leila is our adventurer and extrovert.  She's instant friends with anybody she meets.  She enjoys playing with other kids and will call anybody close to her age "friend!" -- even from across the grocery store.

Leila knows a lot of words, and like Hadley, is forming them into sentences now.  But Leila's sentences are more complex, and I'm often surprised at how well she speaks.  A few days ago, she said, "Hadley, that's not Daddy!  Daddy's at work!"

Leila likes to spend her time building "stacks" and dressing up.  Her block towers can get very high -- I'm usually impressed.  And her style ... well ... you can see for yourself.  :)

Leila is our natural mother.  She calls all of her baby dolls and teddy bears, "Baby Marlowe", and she spends a lot of time feeding them, swaddling them, and putting them down for naps.  She also tries to take care of Marlowe.  When Marlowe is playing on the floor, Leila will bring blankets and her pacifier to her -- sometimes she's got a huge pile next to Marlowe before I even notice.

The other day, I saw a picture of infant identical twins.  One was wearing a shirt that said "I was planned".  The other was wearing a shirt that said, "I was a surprise".  That's exactly how I feel about our twins.  Since Leila was our Baby B (the second one born), I tend to think of her as my "surprise".  I'm so glad to have our active, joyful "middle child" in our family.

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