Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Old Farm Sign (And My Living Room Wall)

We found some time to hang up the old farm sign that I talked about in my post about Marlowe's room.  I paired it with some similar items that I already had, and I'm pleased with the way that my living room wall has turned out!

Here's the sign from Tony's grandparents' farm.  Tony asked his Grandma where the name "Philmar" came from, and she said that it didn't have any real significance; they just needed a name for the cattle records.

I made this "VanHorn" sign about 1 1/2 years ago.  It was in our office for a long time (that's why the wall is blue in this photo), and when Tony and I moved our bedroom into the office, I moved it into the living room.  But it's been sitting all alone on the wall since then.

Here's the updated living room wall!  The "picture frame" is an old window from my parents' house.  They had some windows replaced recently, so I rescued a couple of the old ones and put some professional photos of the kids in it.  And you can also see the results of nesting when I was pregnant with Marlowe -- lots and lots of throw pillows!

I love the vintage look that the whole collection has.  I especially love that every piece has a special significance to our family.


Sandi Parker said...

Your newly decorated wall is awesome! I am always just in awe at the talents all the Korf girls have. It is so fun to see your next surprise. God has truely blessed our world with you five girls! Love you lots, Mrs Parker

Jenia said...

remind me again how you did the 'VanHorn' sign. It seems it was from a website?

Anonymous said...

I printed this so mom could see her old sign arranged in such an interesting way...she still wonders why one would want such a thing...ha! I rememberd the term for Philmar, it is the "prefix" for all the registered Hostein cattle born on my dad's farm.
Loving your creativity, Mitzie