Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Baby "Must-Have" List

I'm not really much of a "brand loyal" person.  And when it comes to baby stuff (and considering the tiny house we live in), I'm very much of a "less is more" kind of person.  But, as I raise my third kiddo, I have found some things that I absolutely love.  Things that I think to myself, somebody should tell new moms to buy this instead of wasting their money on its competitors.

So, I'm doing just that.  Here's my list.  It doesn't include basic life necessities like food, clothing, a place to sleep, and a car seat.  It's not very long, because truthfully, most of the time, one thing is as good as the next.  But these stand out in the crowd.

*WubbaNubs.  I've blogged about this one before.  It's a pacifier, sewed to a stuffed animal.  The weight helps the baby keep it in her mouth.  The size makes it almost impossible to lose.  And the actual pacifier is the brand that hospitals use, so chances are good that if your baby is introduced to a pacifier, it's going to be this one.  (Of course, choosing whether or not to use a pacifier at all is your decision ...)

*Baby Bjorn Soft Bib.  This one was recommended to me by a friend.  It's durable, has a scoop bottom to catch drips and crumbs, and you can just throw it in the dishwasher.  Don't even bother with cloth bibs (they're only useful for drooly babies that need one all the time).  We've tried other ones that have a similar concept, and we were really disappointed.

*Hook-on High Chair.  Why are regular high chairs so huge, if they seat such a tiny person?  And why do you have to buy another, smaller one for when you're traveling or visiting another home?  We love our brand of hook-on high chairs, although I think the concept is more important than the brand.  Ours also had a tray, while many hook-ons don't.

*Johnson's Nursing Pads.  Okay, this one might be a little personal.  :)  But I've seriously tried them all, and this is the only brand I'll buy.

Here are a few things that I thought were worth mentioning, but they're probably not the ONLY brand out there that works.  Or they're not a brand name at all.  :)  (I like that I'm breaking my own rules...)

*Swaddling.  We are swaddle fanatics around here.  We swaddle until our babies can break out of the blanket with a He-Man-like strength.  I feel that our babies (all babies?) sleep better if they're wrapped up tight.  I know there are zillions of swaddle blankets out there, but my favorite is just a really big, light-weight blanket that my mom made when I was pregnant with the twins.

*Snack cups.  My sister gave me a package of 4-ounce snack cups when I was pregnant with the twins.  I thought it was an odd gift.  Now, I use them every day, for food and crafts, and I've even just given empty ones to the kids to play with.

*Moby Wrap.  The truth is, I'm borrowing the Moby that I use right now.  And I'm giving it an honorable mention because I didn't use one with the twins (although there is a "twin hold"!).  I love it because it doesn't hurt my back, it cradles the baby naturally, and there are tons of different holds that change as your baby grows.

*Ikea toddler utensils.  I like that these forks can actually spear food.  Most, if not all, of the other forks we have are so concerned about safety that they're useless.

Phew!  I think that's it.  What about you?  Have I neglected to mention something that you couldn't live without?

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Carrie Isaac said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Baby Bjorn bibs. And I love my Moby Wrap - have tried the HotSling and it was so uncomfortable. I could wear the Moby all day.

I don't rave about baby products much (like you, I don't think there's much that they *really* need) but those two are things that I could rave about all day. :)

We just got rid of our high chair - the hugeness of it was wearing on my nerves now that we have "lots" of little kids and are tight on space in the dining room. I'm thinking about getting a Bumbo seat with the tray instead of a high chair, mostly because it's compact and would be easy to tote around to other places besides the table.