Thursday, March 22, 2012

Once Upon A Lavender

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Leila, in the kingdom of VanHorn.  Leila was a happy girl, and spent most of her time playing with her twin sister, Princess Hadley.

In the winter of Leila's first year, she began to suck her thumb, like many babies.  But unlike many babies, Princess Leila discovered that her thumb-sucking happiness was complete only when she also held onto the cuff of her long-sleeved shirt.

Now, summer was quickly approaching, and Leila's mommy, Queen Heather, knew that short-sleeved shirts would bring great distress to the kingdom.  The Queen saw that the Princess liked to hold onto something while she sucked her thumb, so she sought to give her a gift that would replace her love of long-sleeved shirts.  Her search took her to the jungles of Amazon, where she found the perfect gift: a soft lavender bunny, with ears that were perfect for holding onto.

Princess Leila immediately loved the bunny, who was named Lavender.  She carried the bunny with her everywhere.  Several times, King Tony and Queen Heather had to retrace their steps after going shopping or going on a walk, in order to find the lost bunny.  But most importantly, Leila always had Lavender's ears to hold onto when she sucked her thumb.

Seasons came and went.  Lavender remained a faithful companion.  Princess Leila began talking, and renamed Lavender, "Na-narsh", then began calling her "Nanner".  The Princesses moved from their cribs into big girl beds.

And this is when a dark cloud began to descend for King Tony and Queen Heather.  You see, Nanner was quite flat.  When Princess Leila moved to a big girl bed, Nanner sometimes got misplaced in the sheets and blankets.  Princess Leila couldn't find Nanner in the dark, and called out for the King and Queen to come rescue Nanner.  Once ... twice ... sometimes even three times a night, the King or Queen would wake up to the wails only brought on by a lost bunny.

The Queen couldn't bear the idea of taking Nanner away from Princess Leila.  But the sleepless nights were taking a toll on the kingdom.  So, the Queen turned to her royal advisory board.  Many ideas were given and considered, but only one turned out to be the perfect solution.  Queen Heather fashioned a ribbon, with a clip on both ends.  One clip went onto Princess Leila's shirt, and the other clip went onto Nanner's tail.

Today, the whole kingdom is rejoicing, for Princess Leila no longer misplaces Nanner in the middle of the night.  Hurrah!

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Emily said...

Ha, royal advisory board...nice :)