Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rice, Rice, Baby!

I don't start solids early on with my kiddos.  I always feel like it's just one more thing to add to my day, so as long as they're not acting hungry after they've just nursed, I'm happy to delay solids.  I nursed the twins exclusively for seven months before starting solids, and Marlowe just turned six months old and hadn't eaten solids yet ... until yesterday!

Marlowe wasn't necessarily acting hungry, but she was eyeing our food at mealtimes, lunging forward, and grunting at it.  :)  Plus, her fine motor skills are developed enough that it's time for her to learn how to eat.  So, I pulled out the box of rice cereal yesterday.

Mom, I'm so hungry that I'm eating my bib! 

First bite ... what are you shoving into my mouth?

Hmm ... not sure ...

That was quite yummy, thank you! 

(I make 99% of my own baby food.  We just happened to have a box of rice cereal, and you know I'm not going to waste it.)  :)  Next up, sweet potatoes!

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