Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Six Months of Marlowe

I managed to write only one blog post during the month of April.  I haven't done that ... ever.  Not once since starting this blog.  I guess that's just the pattern of life.

Anyway, I'm not here to have deep thoughts today; I'm here to celebrate the six-month birthday of a certain little girl!  Six months ago today, we welcomed Marlowe Grace into our family, though she fits so naturally that it seems like she's been here all along.

Happy birthday to the happiest, sweetest, smiley-est baby in the world.  The baby who I will compare all other babies to for the rest of my life.  The baby who loves jumping in her exersaucer, stuffing anything she can grab into her mouth, and already sleeps 12 hours a night (and who achieved that milestone without any prompting on our part).

We love you, Miss Marlowe, and we love that God has given you to us.

By the way, our house is on the market -- check it out at http://215elmwood.com/!  It's turning out to be quite a dramatic story, but I'll save that until the story is complete.

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Jenia said...

Happy 6 month Birthday Marlowe!!
So the stars aligned and she did not need any sleep training huh? Jealous!!! :)