Monday, June 11, 2012

Leila's Life: 3 Years

Time to do a little celebrating of my second oldest 3-year-old -- the one known as "Leila Bean" around here lately.  (I'm realizing that Tony changes up his nicknames a few times a year!)

People are always asking for easy ways to tell the twins apart.  Tony's brother came up with this one, when the girls weren't more than a few months old: Leila is Loud.  And, wow, that was prophetic.  She is our extrovert, the queen of the roost.  But that's not bad -- it means that she is a great includer and loves to play with new playmates.

Leila currently spends a lot of her playtime using her imagination.  She likes to have tea parties with Hadley, but her favorite activity is playing with her babies.  She spends hours feeding her baby (breastfeeding, ha!), putting the baby in the jumper, and putting the baby down for naps.  It warms my heart.

Like I said in Hadley's post, Leila and Hadley have a special friendship.  Leila can make Hadley laugh harder than anybody else.  And Tony and I spend a lot of our evenings reminding them to settle into bed because they're having so much fun together.

Leila, my little mommy, notices everything I do with Marlowe.  She tells me when Marlowe is crying, and greets her with "good morning, Baby Marlowe!" after every nap.  However, she also resists not being a baby herself.  She often asks to "snuggle in the rocking chair with Mommy/Daddy" or wants to "be Baby Leila".  We always snuggle with her, of course.  Who wouldn't?

Like Hadley, Leila loves to sing.  And she's good at it, too!  Unlike Hadley, though, Leila doesn't stick to songs she's learned.  She often makes up her own lyrics and melodies.  (By the way, she's been asking us to sing something that sounds like "appernoon" or "abberdoon" lately ... anybody know what song she might be referring to?)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Leila Elaine!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hadley's Happenings: 3 Years

Three years old, already!  Let's do a little celebrating of "Haddie Pants", as Tony has started to call her ... I don't know why.  :)

Hadley has always been our introvert.  When there's a lot of activity, she usually ends up playing by herself in another room, or she'll find a blanket or towel to play under until the activity dies down.  Not weird, just Hadley!  

Hadley is our studious child.  She concentrates really hard on everything she does.  She still spends a lot of time coloring, which has progressed to trying to color in the lines ... and triangles!  That kind of precision blows me away.

Gotta watch out when she's coloring ... sometimes the markers double as lipstick!

Hadley and Leila have a very special relationship.  Leila calls her "Howie".  They're so different from each other, but together they're a perfect little blend.  Hadley lets Leila make most of their choices, so I have to deliberately encourage Hadley to think for herself sometimes.  On the flip side, when they roughhouse, Hadley is always the toughest, even though she's smaller.  (Not too much smaller ... half a pound and half an inch, I found out this week!)

Hadley and Marlowe have a special relationship, too.  Hadley sits next to Marlowe's high chair at the dining table, and she always holds hands with Marlowe and tries to make her smile.  Every once in a while, I'll catch her side-by-side with Marlowe under Marlowe's activity gym, too.  So sweet.

My very favorite thing about Hadley right now (both of the twins, actually) is her love of singing.  She can now carry a tune, and has at least 20 songs memorized.  She and Leila actively sing with us at mealtime and bedtime, and it makes my heart swell every time.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hadley Luella!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cute As a Button: Third Birthday Party

We celebrated the twins' third birthday on Memorial Day, a week before their actual birthday.  We had a great time, with our traditional backyard barbecue.  The theme this year?  Cute as a button!  Because they are, you know.  :)

I had a lot of fun with the twins' outfits.  I made "3" shirts for them with a white t-shirt, polka dot fabric, and buttons, of course.  The adorable headbands were custom made by my sister, Becky -- check out her new business here and here.  

Marlowe even got in on the fun:

Aside from normal barbecue food, we had some special button-themed treats.  Becky (the same sister who made the headbands) made this gorgeous -- and delicious! -- cake.

(Blowing out the candles, yay!  They definitely didn't wait until the song was over.)  :)

In addition to the cake, we had the cutest cake balls you've ever seen, created by my sister Melissa.  Seriously, people -- those are individual, hand-made, edible buttons.  Wow.

And no party is complete without additions from Postscripts, my sister Paula's business.  She (and her hubby, Tex) made the banners that you see, the awesome wooden cake stand, and the paper straw flags.  Perfection.

Yes, I know.  You're thinking, "Heather, what did you do?"  Well, I took advantage of my sisters' creativity!  Honestly, I just bought the food and got everything ready.  And I already mentioned that I made the shirts.  But I'm pretty proud of this contribution: button-shaped strawberry ices for the lemonade.  With a homemade ice mold!  Go me!  :)

Here's a few more of my favorite shots from the day.  We were so happy to enjoy the day with our family, especially Tony's brother and his family, who were visiting from Kansas.

Three Years

1 birthday ...
2 little girls ...

Happy Birthday, Hadley and Leila.
We love watching you develop into lovely young ladies.