Monday, June 4, 2012

Cute As a Button: Third Birthday Party

We celebrated the twins' third birthday on Memorial Day, a week before their actual birthday.  We had a great time, with our traditional backyard barbecue.  The theme this year?  Cute as a button!  Because they are, you know.  :)

I had a lot of fun with the twins' outfits.  I made "3" shirts for them with a white t-shirt, polka dot fabric, and buttons, of course.  The adorable headbands were custom made by my sister, Becky -- check out her new business here and here.  

Marlowe even got in on the fun:

Aside from normal barbecue food, we had some special button-themed treats.  Becky (the same sister who made the headbands) made this gorgeous -- and delicious! -- cake.

(Blowing out the candles, yay!  They definitely didn't wait until the song was over.)  :)

In addition to the cake, we had the cutest cake balls you've ever seen, created by my sister Melissa.  Seriously, people -- those are individual, hand-made, edible buttons.  Wow.

And no party is complete without additions from Postscripts, my sister Paula's business.  She (and her hubby, Tex) made the banners that you see, the awesome wooden cake stand, and the paper straw flags.  Perfection.

Yes, I know.  You're thinking, "Heather, what did you do?"  Well, I took advantage of my sisters' creativity!  Honestly, I just bought the food and got everything ready.  And I already mentioned that I made the shirts.  But I'm pretty proud of this contribution: button-shaped strawberry ices for the lemonade.  With a homemade ice mold!  Go me!  :)

Here's a few more of my favorite shots from the day.  We were so happy to enjoy the day with our family, especially Tony's brother and his family, who were visiting from Kansas.


Carrie Isaac said...

The button ice cubes are seriously amazing!

Anonymous said...

How were the ice cubes made?

Tony and Heather said...

I used an empty margarine tub with an indentation in the bottom to start the ice mold. Then I glued the ends of four plastic straws in a square pattern onto the bottom, and once that was dry, I filled the "mold" with strawberry puree and froze it. Just make sure the glue stays inside the straw ends or it won't be very food-safe. :)