Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hadley's Happenings: 3 Years

Three years old, already!  Let's do a little celebrating of "Haddie Pants", as Tony has started to call her ... I don't know why.  :)

Hadley has always been our introvert.  When there's a lot of activity, she usually ends up playing by herself in another room, or she'll find a blanket or towel to play under until the activity dies down.  Not weird, just Hadley!  

Hadley is our studious child.  She concentrates really hard on everything she does.  She still spends a lot of time coloring, which has progressed to trying to color in the lines ... and triangles!  That kind of precision blows me away.

Gotta watch out when she's coloring ... sometimes the markers double as lipstick!

Hadley and Leila have a very special relationship.  Leila calls her "Howie".  They're so different from each other, but together they're a perfect little blend.  Hadley lets Leila make most of their choices, so I have to deliberately encourage Hadley to think for herself sometimes.  On the flip side, when they roughhouse, Hadley is always the toughest, even though she's smaller.  (Not too much smaller ... half a pound and half an inch, I found out this week!)

Hadley and Marlowe have a special relationship, too.  Hadley sits next to Marlowe's high chair at the dining table, and she always holds hands with Marlowe and tries to make her smile.  Every once in a while, I'll catch her side-by-side with Marlowe under Marlowe's activity gym, too.  So sweet.

My very favorite thing about Hadley right now (both of the twins, actually) is her love of singing.  She can now carry a tune, and has at least 20 songs memorized.  She and Leila actively sing with us at mealtime and bedtime, and it makes my heart swell every time.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hadley Luella!

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Megan said...

We call our Hadley "Haddie Pants" all the time!