Monday, June 11, 2012

Leila's Life: 3 Years

Time to do a little celebrating of my second oldest 3-year-old -- the one known as "Leila Bean" around here lately.  (I'm realizing that Tony changes up his nicknames a few times a year!)

People are always asking for easy ways to tell the twins apart.  Tony's brother came up with this one, when the girls weren't more than a few months old: Leila is Loud.  And, wow, that was prophetic.  She is our extrovert, the queen of the roost.  But that's not bad -- it means that she is a great includer and loves to play with new playmates.

Leila currently spends a lot of her playtime using her imagination.  She likes to have tea parties with Hadley, but her favorite activity is playing with her babies.  She spends hours feeding her baby (breastfeeding, ha!), putting the baby in the jumper, and putting the baby down for naps.  It warms my heart.

Like I said in Hadley's post, Leila and Hadley have a special friendship.  Leila can make Hadley laugh harder than anybody else.  And Tony and I spend a lot of our evenings reminding them to settle into bed because they're having so much fun together.

Leila, my little mommy, notices everything I do with Marlowe.  She tells me when Marlowe is crying, and greets her with "good morning, Baby Marlowe!" after every nap.  However, she also resists not being a baby herself.  She often asks to "snuggle in the rocking chair with Mommy/Daddy" or wants to "be Baby Leila".  We always snuggle with her, of course.  Who wouldn't?

Like Hadley, Leila loves to sing.  And she's good at it, too!  Unlike Hadley, though, Leila doesn't stick to songs she's learned.  She often makes up her own lyrics and melodies.  (By the way, she's been asking us to sing something that sounds like "appernoon" or "abberdoon" lately ... anybody know what song she might be referring to?)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Leila Elaine!

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