Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby 4: 20 Weeks

The bun in my oven is halfway done baking!

Halfway along means ... the big ultrasound is coming up!  Tuesday morning, to be exact.  Last time around, we let you vote on whether we would find out the gender or not.  (The results are here.  Don't believe the actual poll -- something has happened to it over time.)  This time, we're not being so generous.  Yes, we will be finding out!

People keep asking us if we're hoping for a boy.  The short answer is, we will be happy with whatever God has given us!  The long answer, for me, is that I'm suddenly scared to death of having a boy.  I didn't even realize it until a few nights ago, when my whole night of sleep was a mess of restless dreams about which gender the baby will be.  The closer we get to Tuesday, the more nervous I am.  And of course I can't change anything, so I'm trying to hand my restless spirit over to God.  Tony believes that it is a girl (based on the heart rate at our early ultrasound) and will hold onto that belief until proven otherwise.

Either way, I haven't decided how we'll reveal the big news to the world, so if I don't update the blog right away on Tuesday, just know that something good is coming. :)

I'll sign off with pictures of the three big sisters from before church this morning.  Have a wonderful week!

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