Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marlowe: 18 Months

She escaped from the church nursery last week, and when they found her, she had already gotten up two flights of stairs and down a hallway.

She gets called "stinker" more than "Marlowe" around here.

She still likes to play in the toilet.

She can often be found on top of the counter-height dining room table (and has the fat lip to prove it today).

She weighs 25 lbs (75th percentile), which makes her within 8 lbs of her sisters.

She's quick ... surprisingly so ... I think people assume she's too fat to move quickly.  :)

She has at least SIX teeth coming in right now.

She loves an audience and makes friends everywhere we go.

She's a Mommy's Girl and is usually in my lap (facing in, hugging) or tugging on my leg when she's not getting into trouble.

She loves to go on walks in the backpack carrier with Daddy.

She calls both of the twins "La-la" (Leila, though I haven't really tested her).

She loves the outdoors and is usually wet and muddy when she's done playing.

She finds all the dolls in the house, calls them "baby", and gives them sloppy kisses.

She's gonna be a great big sister.

(Thoughts and pictures in no particular order.)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby 4: It's a ...

... GIRL!

I'm really hoping that nobody has been waiting for this belated post with great anticipation.  We've posted a picture on Facebook, and I hope that any of our loved ones who don't have Facebook have heard it from us personally. But please forgive me if that's not the case.  :)

So, four girls!  We are "over the moon" excited.  Even Tony, the lone boy.  He's such a good papa; his princesses just adore him (including me!).  And, of course, he's giving me grief because he knew all along that it was a girl, and he says I should have just trusted him.  :)

The ultrasound itself was great.  Physically, all is well with the baby.  As you can see in the picture, Baby Girl was sucking her thumb the whole time.  The ultrasound tech kept jiggling her around so that she would move her hand for nose/mouth measurements (checking for cleft palate, I believe?), and she refused.  :)  Same thing with her legs: she had them literally crossed at the knee, and it took her a while to let us have a peek at her gender.

(On Tony's side of the family, there will be 8 granddaughters and only 1 grandson.  I know they were hoping for another little boy, but I also know that they'll love the new little lady just as much!)

I haven't posted publicly that I've switched my obstetrical care to a midwife this time around, and I'll be having a drug-free labor in the hospital.  I'll write an entire post about it sometime, but for now, let's just say that I've been reading ... and reading ... and reading about drug-free labor.  It gets a little overwhelming.  And having given birth three times (or is is just twice?  I'll let you think about that one...) let's just say that some books are full of nonsense with no research to back them up.  :)

But, if all goes as planned, I will have literally given birth four ways: 1) A vaginal birth with an epidural; 2) An emergency c-section; 3) A VBAC with an epidural; 4) A drug-free VBAC.  Aren't you proud to say that you know me?  ;)