Friday, June 21, 2013

Leila's Life: 4 Years

I've written a lot about Leila already; in Hadley’s post, I draw comparisons between the twins several times.  Leila, our second born, is spunky, girly, and outspoken.  The most noticeable thing about Leila right now is that she chooses her own outfits, and unless I feel like the outfit is wrong for the weather or immodest, I don’t interfere.  Dresses or skirts are a requirement (in her mind); pants are only worn under skirts.  Matching is not required, multiple layers usually get added throughout the day, and a headband is usually worn like a flapper, right across the forehead.

Leila loves dancing, especially ballet.  Once she is in her “princess dress” (which is any dress) for the day, she becomes a ballerina and pretends that she’s going to ballet school.  Both of the twins are very excited that they get to attend Princess Dance Day Camp in July!  If I can, I’ll post a video of their “recital”.

I already mentioned that Leila is our extrovert.  She befriends anybody within minutes of meeting them.  That usually buys Hadley enough time to be introverted for a while without anybody noticing.  :)  It seems like she especially plays well with boys.  While out for ice cream with friends the other night, she and our friends’ four-year-old boy went far away from us, sat on a park bench together, and looked at the moon.  Both of us mothers nearly had a panic attack.  :)

While Hadley seems to enjoy being alone when she imagines, Leila has actually created imaginary friends, named Tyler and Eloise, to play with both of them.  Tyler and Eloise join them while playing, bathing, eating, and sleeping.  You just never know where they’ll show up next.  It’s cute.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Leila Lanie!  Our family is better because you are in it.

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