Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby 4: 29 Weeks

Hello, third trimester!

Hello, rib kicking!

Hello, getting up twice a night to use the bathroom!

Hello, constant Braxton-Hicks contractions!

I can't say that I've missed you.
But since you're all here ... stay a while, won't you?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In Which Tony Steals My Thunder (The Name Game)

I don't think I've ever blogged about how we name our babies before.  Let's start waaaay back in 2009, shall we?

When I was pregnant with the twins, I did a lot of internet baby name browsing, like any modern mother.  One day, I typed in my own name just for fun, and was surprised to see "Hadley" as a result.  Turns out, Hadley means "from the heather field".  And just like that, I fell in love with the name with no turning back.

That wasn't exactly fair to Tony, though.  How fortunate that we still had one more baby to name!  :)  So, we agreed that Tony would make a list of his favorite names for Baby B, and we would agree on a name from that list.  From a list of about 20 names, Leila popped out at both of us, and suddenly our second baby girl had a name.

Fast forward to 2011, somewhere in the middle of my second pregnancy.  I was deep in the baby name trenches -- I made my list and checked it twice, but Tony didn't even want to see my list until he had a chance to go through some baby name books on his own.  One night, he finally sat down with a name book.  It was one of the alphabetical ones.  (Do those drive anybody else crazy?  It takes a month just to read through the A section!)  After about 15 minutes in the A's, he looked up at me and said, "What about Marlowe?"  Neither one of us knows where his brain pulled that name from, but we both loved it immediately.

Now, here in the present, I was keeping score.  Tony had named two of our children, and I had only named one.  I made him promise that I would have sole naming rights for this baby, even if it just meant making a list for him to choose from, like we did with Leila.  He totally agreed.  So, a couple of weeks after we found out that this baby is a girl, I sat down one evening with a purpose.  I was surrounded by books, had the laptop fired up ... this process was going to fulfill all of my unfulfilled baby naming energy that I had been storing up since Hadley.  I started by writing down two names that we had already discussed.  Then, I picked up a book.  I got less than 30 pages into the book (not one of those annoying alphabetical ones), and had written down one additional name that stood out to me.

And this, readers, is where Tony Steals My Thunder.  He looked over my shoulder, pointed to that third name, and said, "I really like that name."  Can you believe his nerve?  :)  Just like that, with all of my baby naming energy still pent up inside of me, Baby Girl Four had a name.  And it's perfect for her.  Unless she turns out to be a boy.  In that case, he will be nameless while we frantically search for the perfect name again.

Yes, technically, I did name this baby, so Tony and I are 2 - 2 now.  But I still have the desire to name more things.  I think I need some fish or something ...