Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby 4: 36 Weeks

Okay!  Thirty-six weeks!  Let the countdown begin!

Here's another shot, from an evening with my lovely craft group a few days ago.  I was going to crop it so you could see my belly more clearly, but I think they're fantastic, so I left it.  :)

In comparing my belly to this shot from 37 weeks with Marlowe, I think my suspicions are right: I'm not as big this time!  What?!?  And my midwife agrees.  She thinks the baby will be in the 8 pound range, so we'll see!  I'm actually not as uncomfortable as I was with the twins or Marlowe (yet), which makes it hard for me to believe that I only have 3 1/2 weeks left (give or take).  I'm very thankful for small blessings!

At my appointment last week, the midwife suspected that Baby Girl was breech, so she did a quick ultrasound.  Turns out, the reason that she wasn't confident about baby's womb position is because baby is occiput posterior, or "sunny side-up" -- facing my front.  That really doesn't mean much -- I'll still be able to have a drug-free VBAC, but I have to be prepared for the possibility of back labor.  Theoretically, occiput posterior babies can't tuck their chins into their chests easily while descending through the birth canal, so their skulls tend to rub against the mother's tailbone, causing even worse labor pain.  Lovely.  Some studies have shown that  position doesn't increase the likelihood of back labor, though, and babies change position all the time in the womb.  I'm just preparing myself for the worst, just in case.  :)

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Katie said...

I had back labor with both Samuel and Josie- it was horrible. I hope she turns! haha. Good luck :) I am so excited for you and your new baby!!