Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Marlowe's Memoirs: 2 Years Old

My big girl turned two on November 1st!  You know, sometimes it feels like the years have flown by and you can't believe your child is whatever age she is.  With Marlowe, it's the opposite.  I can't believe she's only two years old!  It feels more like she should be three.  She sure has packed a lot of life and joy into the last two years.

Marlowe is (and always has been) big for her age -- at barely two, I'm currently moving the 3T clothes into her closet.  The twins still have a few 3T things in their closet, too!  What am I going to do if/when I have three girls in the same size of clothing?!?  Donations will be gladly accepted.  :)

Marlowe is also incredibly verbal.  She speaks in full sentences and has lots of questions.  I'm sure this is because she learns from Hadley and Leila while the three of them play together.  Marlowe still has that cute toddler lisp, though.  Her speech patterns are pretty much adorable.  One of my favorite recent memories is from about a month ago, when we moved her into a big girl bed.  Of course, that night there was experimenting with her new freedoms.  She figured out how to open her bedroom door, and she would pop out of her room and yell gleefully, "I NOT SLEEPY, DADDY!!!"  This repeated several times until we found our childproofing doorknob cover in a storage bin.  Little stinker.  ;)

Like her sisters did when she was a baby, Marlowe has watched me mothering Cecily, and has started mimicking that by mothering her own baby.  She nurses her baby, dresses her, changes her diaper, and, as you can see, especially likes to give her drinks.  :)

And here she is with her real life baby:

I love this girl with my whole heart.  She may be the orneriest, sneakiest, messiest, loudest child I've ever known on some days, but she makes up for it with her bouncing walk, sticky kisses, and unprompted hugs around my knees with an "I wuv you, Mommy!"  That's my girl.  Happy second birthday, Marlowe Grace!

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Celia Acton said...

What neat and energetic memories you have created! She is a sweetie!