Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Just a few of my favorite recent pictures and a few tidbits about my kids right now!

Marlowe is very close to being totally potty trained.  She takes herself to the potty, insists that she doesn't have to use the potty seat, and really loves her new "tanties" (panties).
She also ends words that end with "n" with "m" instead.  Like "greem" (green).

Hadley calls the coffee table, "coughing table".  I wonder why she thinks it has that name...
She also has a special dance that she calls the "mingo dance" (flamingo dance).  It's original and un-reproducible.
And speaking of flamingos, that's what she calls mangos.  "Mmm, flamingos, my favorite!"

Leila has started cleaning her room without being asked, and without telling me what she's doing.  That's always a pleasant surprise!
Almost every day, she asks if we can build a "flort" (fort).  "A fort?" we ask. "Yes, a flort!" she says.

Both of the twins have learned that fluttering their eyes at Daddy will get whatever they ask for.
They can act out entire scenes and songs from "Frozen".

Cecily is saying "da-da" ... Tony assures me that she knows what she's saying ...
She's got a big appetite for solids and rolls anywhere she wants to go.  Imagine rolling down a grassy hill -- that's how fast she can roll across the room.

With cousin Trinity at the Easter Egg Hunt

Leila's Wild Thing from school

Hadley's Wild Thing from school

First day of ballet ... actually, the teacher didn't show up, so the first real day is this week.

Here's the bottom line: life is good.  God is good.

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