Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hadley's Happenings: Five Years

I'm late for my yearly update, but late is definitely better than never.

It's been half a decade since Tony and I became parents!  Having kids is one of the best things we've ever done.  And it all started with this beautiful little girl, born 28 minutes before her sister with the same DNA, five years ago.

As I read over Hadley's Happenings from the last five years, I realized that Hadley is becoming more of the person that she has always been.  She's introverted, she's quirky, she's imaginative, she's thoughtful and kind, she is an amazing sister.

In the last year, Hadley started and finished preschool, ballet, and swimming lessons.  Of course, she is wildly gifted in all areas (I might be biased!).

One of her favorite activities is still coloring.  She can spend hours at a time, coloring at the dining table.  She's very precise and her drawings are intricate.  (This one is a little wrinkled, thanks to Marlowe hijacking it, but it's still one of my recent favorites.)

In the last year, Hadley also became a big sister again.  She dotes on Cecily.  When Cecily was a tiny baby, Hadley was the person that could make her giggle the most.  She and Leila fight over who gets to sit in the car seat with the best view of Cecily.  Just today, Hadley asked me if we could have more babies in our family.  :)

Also, in the last year, Hadley got glasses ...

... and tried roller skating for the first time.  She had a natural knack for it and would love to go again soon.

Happy 5th birthday, Hadley Luella!  You make our hearts so happy.

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