Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cecily's First Birthday! (A Beatrix Potter Theme)

Cecily Parsley lived in a pen,
and brewed good ale for gentlemen;
Gentlemen came every day,
Till Cecily Parsley ran away.
~Beatrix Potter

My baby girl is one year old today!  One of my favorite things is to go through the day, saying things like "right now, we were calling Aunt Becky!", kind of living the day's memories.  I have such happy memories of the day Cecily was born.

There's a Beatrix Potter book called "Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes".  Therefore, it was not hard to decide what the theme for Cecily's first birthday party would be - Beatrix Potter's stories.

Here's the invitation, designed by my wildly talented sister Paula:

Here's the birthday girl, playing while we got ready for the party.  We had our traditional "family only" party at a great park here in town on Labor Day.

Since we were at a park, the only decorating I did was a food table.  I love the way this picture taken by my mom turned out! Such a gorgeous day.

We kept things simple with BLT sandwiches, a veggie tray (I'm sure the vegetables were from Mr. McGregor's garden), jelly sandwich cookies, and super cute carrot cake cupcakes, which were made and decorated by my sister Becky.  There was also supposed to be watermelon, which I accidentally left in the car.  :)  There were also cans of ginger ale (a nod to the ale that Cecily Parsley makes in her rhyme), which was covered with a wrap with the rhyme on it.

After lunch, we took some pictures and played at the park.  I love this picture of Cecily with Grandma and Grandpa Korf.  She's so sweet.

And then, cake!  No hesitation, and she cleaned up.  She's obviously the fourth child.  I was reminiscing about Hadley and Leila's first birthday -- it was the first time they had sugar!  Cecily has *ahem* had some practice with sugar already.  :)

And here are some of my favorite pictures of my family.  We are so blessed.

I'll follow up sometime soon with an update about Cecily's latest happenings.  Until then, happy birthday, sweet Cecily!  You bring so much joy into our lives!