Monday, August 3, 2015

Leila's Life: 6 Years

Time for Leila’s six year update!  Hadley and Leila have really figured out the meaning of “twins” this year.  They know that they’re identical twins and love to point out when other things are identical.  I really, truly love the bond between those two.  They are so special to me.  All my girls are, of course!

Like Hadley, Leila finished her first year of Kindergarten this year.  She also proved to be a bright student and was reading as well as Hadley and tested with high marks by the end of the year.  I think she even enjoys reading for pleasure a little bit more than Hadley.  Leila seems to be a little bit more of a “trailblazer”.  Hadley is very happy to keep things the same way for a long time.  Leila likes change and will figure out how to do something new or different first (like the monkey bars) … and that gives Hadley the confidence to try, too.  But they hardly ever compare themselves to each other.  They seem like they know each other without using a whole lot of words to describe it.

Leila continues to have some of the most unique style choices in our home.  I plan to use this photo often when she's old enough to be embarrassed by it.  :)  

Leila also has developed a love of horses.  She begged for months to ride a real horse, so when we were in Florida, I found a petting zoo where she (and Hadley and Marlowe) could ride a pony.  Then, only a couple of weeks later, she and Hadley got to ride a real horse on a school field trip.  She was one happy girl!  She has at least a dozen toy horses, and loves to look at horse pictures on the computer.  She says she’s going to be a veterinarian and a mommy when she grows up.  (That’s also what Hadley says, by the way.  I think it sounds a great arrangement!)

And those are the highlights of my second six-year-old’s life!  Love you, Leila Lanie, my good-humored, loud-singing, animal-loving daughter!

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