Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cecily's Celebrations: Two Years Old

I was feeling guilty about writing Cecily's two-year post when her birthday was 3 months ago, but I see that I did the same thing last year, so we'll call it a tradition.  :)

Oh, Cecily ... where to begin?  She is solidly into her twos, and that brings a lot of things with it.  She has SO MUCH ENERGY.  The first thing I often hear in the morning is the sound of her jumping on her mattress.  I'm so glad that she has big sisters to play with.  They help her get a lot of energy out.  She also talks non-stop, and repeats herself until somebody listens to her.  She clearly understands how to be heard in a big family.  :)

Of course, the twos bring a lot of "discipline opportunities", and Cecily is quite ornery.  She disappears quickly and frequently, and I usually find her sucking on toothbrushes, emptying my sewing box, or drawing on herself with a pen.  It's exhausting, especially because I'm 6 months pregnant.  (Have I mentioned how thankful I am for Tony?)

Even though she has a lot of energy, Cecily is my best snuggler.  I'll bring her into bed with me when she wakes up too early in the morning, and she loves to lay on my chest and pretend to sleep (complete with fake snoring).  She's a little confused about my growing belly, though -- she doesn't appreciate the space it's taking up during our snuggle time.  :)

Like her sisters, Cecily has a special thing that she sleeps with.  We don't usually introduce anything to the kids, they just kind of latch on to something and start taking it to bed with them.  Her's is a sock monkey.  It's pretty adorable.

Cecily, you are all sugar and spice.  And everything nice, of course.  Happy Second Year, Cecily!  We love you!

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